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Diving on Tenerife

Our Dive Center Aquanautic Club Tenerife (formerly Barakuda Dive Center) exists on Tenerife since 35 years. Therefore, we are able to look back on fundamental experiences and know the best diving places. You are invited to experience with us fascinating dives in the Atlantic, best supported by our well trained team. Of course, also above the water you will have a lot of fun.


Although we had to move arround the corner for the next year, our Dive Center is still close to the ocean with a lot different diving places around. Our houseriff with depth from 5 to 28 m is still easily to reach and perfectly suited for beginners and advanced divers. Moreover, twenty other diving places with a fascinating underwater world are offered. Sponges, large coloured sea anemones, different kinds of crabs (seaspiders, lobsters, cleaner shrimps etc.), rays, cuttlefish, turtles, seahorses and a lot of different fish can be closely observed. In addition, different shapes of underwater landscapes make every dive special and unique.

Our dive groups are very small max. up to six divers but we offer, of course, also individual dives. Our mission is to create a relaxing and homely atmosphere which let you forget everything else.